Rose Carrousel is Heidi Edmonds (nee Millington). I am a mother of two young children. I hold a PhD from Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute in which I investigated the health of freshwater creeks in southeast Queensland (where I live) and how they are impacted by the surrounding land use in the city of Brisbane.

I am also a musician and singer who has been nominated for awards in the state of Queensland for my song writing and music production. Merging art and science, I am taking my music and scientific data and dabbling with designing and coding interactive light, distance and pressure-sensitive interfaces called “NatureTrons” to explore our engagement with nature, cities and sound.

You will find information on each of these aspects of my practices in the links to the respective pages above, and information on workshops, events, performances, presentations etc in my blog.

Furthermore, as a concerned parent of young children, I am also trying to inform myself with knowledge about climate change, how it will affect our kids, and what we can realistically do about it. In doing this I am extending my science communication work that I started as a volunteer on Eco Radio, a segment on local community radio 4ZzZ here in Brisbane. If you want to check out my Climate Change info website please visit www.climateKISS.com.


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