Little Stars EP out now

Hello friends. Motherhood rose_carrousel_little_stars_picmade me take a little pause between finishing and sharing my EP. I’m very pleased to say that it is now available on bandcamp. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all the wonderful people who made it possible. xoxo Heidi (RC)

I have tonnes of people to thank, as you can see in my credits. But big thanks especially go to Ian Tully for his “Eigen Lights” remix of Wilderness, as well as Anthony Smyth and Fflur Collier from My Cerulean Heart for creating Street Lights with me. Massive thanks to my Lady Electronica crew Donna Hewitt, Carly Dickenson and Michelle Xen and our amazing mentors for helping me make these tracks! Thanks especially to Phil Graham and Julian Knowles for late nights spent polishing tracks. And special thanks also to Teh John, I don’t think I would have finished some of these tracks without you. Thanks also to my Lucinda for letting me use her art work. 🙂 I’ll organise a proper little release with a performance soon but for now its nice to have my tracks out there in the electronic ether. xx