art + science

Rose Carrousel is : Heidi Edmonds, a sound artist using my sound art practice, experiments in sound and interactive interface design to explore ways of engaging people in considering what ecological sustainability means, and visioning future worlds.

Merging art and science, I design and code light, distance and pressure-sensitive sound filtering inventions called “NatureTrons” as part of the “Nature Synth” project for investigating how people engage with the sounds of nature and industry for performance and installations. This project has been and is being assisted by Donna Hewitt, Toby Gifford, Anthony Smith, Doug Ward, Sharmila Nezovic and Richard Grantham. Photos of these experiments with natural and industrial sounds and works in progress are posted below.

Examples of other art + science installation works I have contributed are also listed below.

NatureTrons version 2: light and distance sensors wrapped and ribboned and ready to use:


NatureTrons version 1: they look like ordinary suitcases but they are really light sensitive sound filtering devices

suitcases 3 suitcases 2

Early days with Arduino: getting an LED to blink!

blink LED 2 blink LED

Art + Science Installations

Black Nectar @ Siteworks Festival 2014, Sept 27-28th, 2014. Bundanon, NSW, Australia. Consulting Ecologist/Artist on project with Keith Armstrong (Artistic director), Lawrence English (Co-Director), Luke Lickfold (MaxMSP Design), Dr. Peggy Eby (Consulting Behavioural Ecologist, UNSW/freelance)

Night Fall  @ The Queensland Museum, Dec 2013-Jan 2014 by Keith Armstrong and Lawrence English – contribution of Arduino programming

Desert Harmony Festival Installation @ World Music Forum, Griffith University November 2013 – design of guitar case light sensitive video trigger using Arduino and Makey Makey


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