Living in the Long Future

Here’s my latest track. A collaboration with the Long Future Foundation’s Guy Lane. It’s my first musical work about climate change. It was written and produced early this year for a special event. It has been an honour and an education to be able to work with some of Guy and David Hood’s knowledge about climate change and its threats and opportunities. I hope that you find it inspiring as well as confronting.

Please check out the excellent work the foundation is doing to educate business leaders as well as the public about climate change mitigation.

We live in a time where we all need to become engaged, educated and informed about what we can do to help save our planet for our children and future generations. Not to mention the critters, because we don’t want to live on a lonely planet!!

Big thanks to the Long Future Foundation’s Guy Lane and David Hood as well as my long time musical collaborator Anthony Smith.

Big Love, Heidi xx