Little Stars EP out now

Hello friends. Motherhood rose_carrousel_little_stars_picmade me take a little pause between finishing and sharing my EP. I’m very pleased to say that it is now available on bandcamp. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all the wonderful people who made it possible. xoxo Heidi (RC)

I have tonnes of people to thank, as you can see in my credits. But big thanks especially go to Ian Tully for his “Eigen Lights” remix of Wilderness, as well as Anthony Smyth and Fflur Collier from My Cerulean Heart for creating Street Lights with me. Massive thanks to my Lady Electronica crew Donna Hewitt, Carly Dickenson and Michelle Xen and our amazing mentors for helping me make these tracks! Thanks especially to Phil Graham and Julian Knowles for late nights spent polishing tracks. And special thanks also to Teh John, I don’t think I would have finished some of these tracks without you. Thanks also to my Lucinda for letting me use her art work. 🙂 I’ll organise a proper little release with a performance soon but for now its nice to have my tracks out there in the electronic ether. xx


Living in the Long Future

Here’s my latest track. A collaboration with the Long Future Foundation’s Guy Lane. It’s my first musical work about climate change. It was written and produced early this year for a special event. It has been an honour and an education to be able to work with some of Guy and David Hood’s knowledge about climate change and its threats and opportunities. I hope that you find it inspiring as well as confronting.

Please check out the excellent work the foundation is doing to educate business leaders as well as the public about climate change mitigation.

We live in a time where we all need to become engaged, educated and informed about what we can do to help save our planet for our children and future generations. Not to mention the critters, because we don’t want to live on a lonely planet!!

Big thanks to the Long Future Foundation’s Guy Lane and David Hood as well as my long time musical collaborator Anthony Smith.

Big Love, Heidi xx

A healthy recipe for new mummy chocaholics :)

Hi Everyone, It’s been a long time between posts! I am still planning to release my Rose Carrousel EP soon. And I am also planning on hitting “submit” on my PhD soon. But most of my days are filled with the blissful but constant time and care that looking after a 10 month old baby takes. My little Lucinda. I hope to bring you some inspiring ideas for looking after our planet, ourselves and our little ones, a small contribution to help so that our little babies have all the opportunities which we want them to have to have a beautiful planet to live on.

So here is a start. Something for the mums. My good friend Fflur has just had a little baby too and so I am posting this recipe for her. Hopefully I will get the time to make her some of these. They are healthy snacks for late night feedings of little ones new to the world. High in fibre and fruit they will still satisfy chocolate cravings like the ones I had a as a new mum (which I spent too much time eating gluten free, dairy free but still very fattening  cookies satisfying!). Making this recipe can also save you money so you don’t have to buy bliss balls or chocolate bars.

xx Heidi

Chocolate bliss balls – Heidi’s version

I’ve based my recipe on this one ( But I have modified it for a food processor and using Mike my Osteo’s advice to use coconut oil:

Small batch ingredients (double quantities for larger batch):

100 g raw walnuts

110 g dates (chop them in halves to check for seeds)

20 g cacao (to taste – apparently cacao is less processed than cocoa)

30 g coconut (shredded)

a dash of pure maple syrup to taste (I used 1 tablespoon)

1 tablespoon coconut oil


  • Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them together a little bit
  • Blend in food processor (I used a Kogan bullet which was very loud and my baby Lucinda didn’t like the sound – so I suggest making these when your baby is out for a walk with a trusted carer). Blend in small batches, about ÂĽ of the mixture at a time, therwise the nuts won’t all grind up properly
  • Roll the mixture into balls with clean hands and keep the balls in the fridge.

My Lucinda: Love love love

Lucy Pies


Rose Carrousel’s Wilderness Film Clip

Here is the video for Wilderness. Filmed over a weekend in October 2013. Directed by Alison Martin (Nerves Like Steel Productions). Featuring Jess, Fflur and I. Please see the credits for the thank yous for the audio and video. My Rose Carrousel debut EP is shortly to be released with this track. I’d love to know what you think of the film clip. I wanted it to capture something of the Australian landscape and also the whimsy of the song. I really think Alison has done an amazing job. xo Heidi

Night Fall

Hi friends, I just wanted to let you know that you still have a few days to see the “Night Fall” installation at the Queensland Museum. It’s up until January 26. This  fascinating and engaging exhibition plays on our perceptions of night and the creatures that inhabit Australia’s nightscapes, especially bats. Australia’s night time biodiversity is fragile and vulnerable. Could our fears of the night feed into this somehow? I contributed Arduino programming assistance to this version of the work by Keith Armstrong and Lawrence English. I love how this installation interprets complex ecological subjects into a simple and evocative vision, and Lawrence’s multi-textured soundscape is full of a myriad of fascinating sounds of biota and natural phenomena. Head up to Level 4, the Invent-ory space at the Queensland Museum.

Find out more here and here.


Good evening folks, my new recording of Wilderness is up online for your listening pleasure! With thanks to everyone who was a part of producing this track! Especially LADY Electronica, The Producers Club, Scott Horscroft, John Teh, Joe Guerzo, Matt O’Neill, Ian Tully and Jess Rankine. xx

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts about his new recording. It’s the first one I have produced, mixed and mastered myself in a softer style. I wanted to write it so it goes from soft to energetic. xx

Stay tuned for an awesome remix from my mate Ian Tully!

Hawaii Luau Beach