An Arduino (electronic Glockenspiel making) Masterclass

Attention teachers with an interest in trans-disciplinary practices! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in an Arduino masterclass led by me (Heidi Millington), featuring a teacher focused hands on Arduino workshop as well as artist talks and a curator led tour of “Foundations Edge: Artists and Technology”. A couple of spaces remain, get in quick. It’s on next weekend (4th and 5th of May).



I like the idea of intersects. The intersections between art and science, between random chance and well planned out ideas… between my life and another little slice of the internet.

Hello there, I have just set up my official Rose Carrousel website. Here it is. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to post links to my new music and sound art projects. I’ll also write about some of the steps, processes and ingredients along the way to actualising my works. You can find out a little more about me on the “about” page.

At the moment I am focusing on the stage 2 of the NatureTron. The ‘NatureTron’phase 1 debuted at Lady Electronica Live in 2012 and used light dependent resistor analog sensors with Arduino printed circuit boards, coding and circuitry, along with MAX software as a midi-interface with Ableton Live. Version 2 uses analog distance sensors and light sensors, and rather than being used for music is designed as a sound installation. I will let you know when it will be debuted! Version 3, which I have already started working on, is intended to incorporate environmental or ecological data sources from various locations around the globe. So this will hopefully form the basis of an exciting Art+Science project. I am using COSM with my Arduino boards for this. I have already set up my first trial data streams, which you can view here ( As you can see the light dependent resistor measuring the light levels is not turned on very often! I am using it to test out code but I will plug it back in at some point!

Wishing you all a magic night. x Heidi