Rose Carrousel Show

Hello friends,

I have a little show coming up on June 16th. I’ll be using some of my home-made custom sound controllers for some of my songs, and I’ll be joined by two of my favourite artists: thewhiskeyarchive and Naomi Sunderland:

thewhiskeyarchive, Rose Carrousel and Naomi Sunderland will share their beautiful, intimate and interesting folk and electronica songs with you at Kobblers General Store and Cafe in Bardon, Sunday afternoon, June 16. This is a free and family friendly show, donations welcomed. Delicious cakes and drinks will be available for purchase.

Set times:
3:30 pm thewhiskeyarchive
2:30 pm Rose Carrousel
1:30 pm Naomi Sunderland

thewhiskeyarchive brings together the vocal, musical and songwriting talents of ukulele songstress Jane Cameron and singer/songwriter Mark Bentley. The result is a blend of smooth, smokey indie folk with a hint of alt country and a nod to the punk/goth influences of Brisbane’s music scene in the 70’s and 80’s.

Rose Carrousel:
Rose Carrousel is a singer-songwriter who crafts whimsical, shimmery folktronica. Whimsical vocals and unguarded, optimistic story telling mix with shimmery, glitchy electronica, acoustic instruments and subtle harmonies to make her folktronica and lo-fi electro. She is joined on stage by the lovely Jess who sews new beautiful things live, yes with a sewing machine. Home-made mechatronic controllers using household domestic items also make appearances.

Naomi Sunderland:
Singer Naomi Sunderland will preview her latest work, “Water”, combining intimate folk storytelling with a uniquely beautiful approach to electronic and acoustic arrangement. Joined by a band of classical and contemporary musicians, Naomi presents her take on “ambient folk”. “Water” builds on her successful albums albums Red Dirt Road (2006) and Stitches (2009).


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